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The UNDRGRND catalog is a free, local, non-manufacturer specific catalog with lots of great shapes and helpful tricks.  It’s a compilation of ideas and contributions from designers and other catalog writers.  To see how it’s helped other designers, CLICK HERE for inspiration.  Then join us on our facebook group to ask questions and contribute.  

Download the catalog (via OneDrive)  
Download the catalog  

To install it…

1)    Click on the link above and save it on your computer where you’ll find it later. (I use Desktop)
2)    Close 2020 Design. 
            V8 or V9 Users - From the shortcut bar, click on the 3rd icon and click on INSTALL – Install a catalog    from archive (zip).
            V10 Users - Click on Start, All Programs, Design, Tools, Catalog Manager, and click on INSTALL - Install a catalog from archive (zip).
3)    Click on Next, then click on the 3 dots and browse to your saved file location.  Select
4)    Click on Next, and click on Start.

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